How to stream 1000+ Live TV on Mobdro for Free

If you are familiar with video streaming apps, there is no way you haven’t heard of Mobdro. Mobdro is one of the top video streaming apps available in the market. Although Amazon Prime Video, Netflix are giants in video streaming, they don’t let you watch freely.

Live TV on Mobdro

You need an active subscription in order to use them. But this is the Internet Age, there is always a way around for any problem. Mobdro is one of the best free streaming apps. You can stream more than 1000+ Live TV on Mobdro. There are so many features that make Mobdro one of the best video streaming app.

Mobdro holds a special place among its users. It has beautifully classified categories of different programs you can watch. The User Interface is very easy that even a child can use it without a problem. The most important thing to notice in Mobdro is its steady streaming of data throughout your session provided proper Internet connection. The only drawback of this application is, it does not support for Ios. So Apple users cannot enjoy Mobdro. However, there are alternatives for Mobdro on Ios.

How to Download and stream 1000+ Live TV on Mobdro:

Unfortunately, you cannot find the official mobdro app on the Google Play Store. So, you have to consider downloading from external sources.

How to Download and Stream Live TV on Mobdro

  • Before Downloading Mobdro, you have to make sure you have given permissions to download from unknown sources. In order to do that, You have to go to Settings and then Security, you will find “Unknown sources”. Now you should check the box and you are ready to go
  • Now you can download mobdro from google without any problem.
  • After downloading the APK file, you can install it.
  • Here are a few tips on how you can use Mobdro effectively.

Categories of Channels

The contents are sorted and arranged in categories. Some of the categories are mentioned below,

  • Channels:  You will be able to find popular channels like HBO, CBS, etc.
  • News:  You can find news Channels like BBC, Fox News, NBC News, etc.
  • Movies: You can find movies of all genres like horror, romantic, action, funny, thriller. This is one of the most used categories within Mobdro.
  • Sports: Channels like ESPN, Fox, etc. can be found. You can watch popular PPV matches of UFC and other events easily without any cost.
  • Music: we can find hundreds of Music channels like VH1, MTV, etc. You can hear thousands of Music Tracks free in this category.
  • Animals: you can see channels like Animal Planet, National Geographic, etc. This category has channels that deal with nature, forests, wildlife, places, monuments, oceans, etc.
  • Tech: you can find all sorts of channels that show technology like NASA TV, NASA HD, International Space Stations, etc. This is a category for people who are just hardcore Geeks.
  • Podcasts: you can hear audio content of your favorite shows, Some shows include podcasts like “ The Ellen Show”, Ted Talks, etc. The one good thing about Podcasts are, you can hear them, when you are driving and when are doing some household works.
  • Spiritual: You will find channels related to spirituality. So If you are a spiritual person, these channels serve a great purpose.
  • Others: you will find channels that do not fit in any category.

Settings to Stream Live TV on Mobdro

Though Mobdro has 1000 + channels, it is better to know the Settings to optimize your needs. Now we will give a short explanation on how to use the settings in the right way.

Player: This enables the hardware decoding process

Mobile Connection: It enables app updates when the phone is connected via mobile data.

Select Language: This allows users to choose the languages they need. Due to a large number of channels, it is very difficult to land on your destination channel. This setting allows you to find channels on your preferred language.

Sort Alphabetically: This is used to sort videos in the order of their alphabetical orders.

Parental Filter: Parental filter lets to hide age-restricted content when kids are using their parents mobile.

Final Words:

So here is a full guide on How to install and stream 1000 + Live TV on Mobdro easily. It is always advised to use VPN for safety purposes. Hope this article helps. Leave your comments below.